New Yorker releases unpublished F. Scott Fitzgerald story


Everyone has tried to capitalize on the anticipation for The Great Gatsby movie, but in my opinion, no one has done it as well as the New Yorker (I’m biased because I love them, but still). It’s a given that the movie will prompt people to read the book, but The New Yorker takes it one step further by releasing a short story by Fitzgerald that was previously unpublished. I love that they are garnering interest in Fitzgerald’s other works, particularly his short stories, which I have always loved (My favorite is “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”). This story might strike you as odd because it rings true about a smoking ban society, but was written forever ago. Folks, it’s Christmas.


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Megan Henrich has been published in FortyOunceBachelors and Danse Macabre. She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Currently, she works for a business to business marketing company and lives in Saint Charles, Missouri with her husband and son.
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2 Responses to New Yorker releases unpublished F. Scott Fitzgerald story

  1. Sandra says:

    Thanks for sharing! I used to read the New Yorker all the time when I worked at Borders Booksellers, back in the day, because I could always put the magazine back on the shelves (wink wink!). I’ll have to keep up with more of the articles.

    Do you like the NYTimes Book Review articles?

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